Early detection saves lives If you have concerns that a new mole has appeared on your skin or an existing mole has grown or changed shape, then it is important to have it checked by a doctor as soon as possible. Mole screening, which includes a detailed examination of your moles and a thorough skin examination, is one of the most effective ways to ensure early detection and timely treatment of skin cancer.

As a doctor-led practice, we offer a comprehensive mole screening service, which includes:

  • A risk assessment questionnaire and review
  • Complete skin examination using dermoscopy
  • Results letter for moles specifically imaged for a detailed opinion
  • Tuition in what to look out for
  • Information about how to protect your skin
  • Referral if you need further treatment

For more information on our mole screening in Grantham near Oakham & Stamford, or to book a consultation at Glen Eden Medical Aesthetics, contact us today on 01476 550056