Find relief from redness and visible blood vessels If you suffer from rosacea, you no doubt already know that it’s a common skin condition that mainly affects the face. Symptoms can vary from one person to another, but rosacea is usually characterised by episodes of flushing, as well as burning and stinging sensations, spots (pustules and papules), visible blood vessels (telangiectasia), and even permanent redness.

You may have times when your rosacea is highly noticeable, and other times when the symptoms are less severe. Although the cause of rosacea isn’t fully understood, it is associated with factors such as blood vessel abnormalities, the activation of certain skin peptides, a reaction to microscopic mites that usually live harmlessly on human skin, genetics and/or the helicobacter pylori bacteria in the digestive system.

Some people notice that there are distinct triggers that make their rosacea worse. These can include exposure to sunlight, extreme temperatures, stress, strenuous exercise, alcohol, hot baths or saunas, caffeine, dairy products, humidity, hormonal changes, and certain medications.

There isn’t currently a definitive cure for rosacea. However, a number of treatments are available that can help you manage and minimise the symptoms and how they affect your life. When you come to Glen Eden Aesthetics, Dr John Elder can advise you about your various treatment options for rosacea and prescribe accordingly. We also see excellent results using Intense Pulsed Light treatments for rosacea – read more about this in the FAQs below.

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