Safe removal of skin tags, cysts, moles and lipomas Some minor surgical procedures are not generally available through the NHS because they are considered to be cosmetic in focus. However, we recognise that if you have skin tags, moles, sebaceous cysts, or lipomas (benign lumps of fatty tissue) anywhere on your face or body, these issues can affect your self-image and confidence, and may worry you even if you have been told that they are purely cosmetic.

If you are concerned about a new or evolving mole somewhere on your body, our mole screening service may be more appropriate for you.

If you need minor cosmetic surgery for any of the issues above, we may well be able to treat you here at Glen Eden Aesthetics without you having to attend a hospital for your procedure. If we do remove a cyst, mole or lipoma, for example, all the samples removed will be sent for histological analysis for your peace of mind. We use various techniques include punch biopsy, formal excision, shave excision and cryo cautery, as appropriate.

For more information on our cosmetic minor surgery in Grantham near Oakham & Stamford, or to book a consultation at Glen Eden Medical Aesthetics, contact us today on: 01476 550056