Reshape your nose without surgery

Although rhinoplasty – also known as a ‘nose job’ – remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures currently available, you may be one of the growing number of people seeking a non-surgical alternative.

The 15-minute rhinoplasty – or ‘non-surgical nose job’ – is a minimally-invasive treatment if you would like to change the shape or appearance of your nose in some way. With this 15-minute rhinoplasty treatment, we use dermal fillers to add balance and symmetry to the shape of your nose, and can address a number of issues.

Many people find the 15-minute rhinoplasty preferable to rhinoplasty surgery because it’s affordable, offers instant results, requires little to no downtime, and no general anaesthetic. The changes to your nose will be subtle and natural-looking, and can be refined or reversed.

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