Remove painful or unsightly thread veins in your legs Thread veins are small blood vessels that run close to the surface of the skin and have become enlarged and therefore visible. Up to 80% of us will have thread veins at some stage in our lives and they tend to be associated with sun damage, ageing and hormonal changes, as well as genetics and certain medications. If you have a job where you’re on your feet a lot, this may make your thread veins worse.

If you have thread veins on your legs, we understand that it can make you feel self-conscious about their appearance, especially when you want to dress for warm weather at home or on holiday. Of course, thread veins aren’t just a cosmetic challenge - you may also feel pain or discomfort, aching, throbbing or restless legs.

Here at Glen Eden Aesthetics, we offer highly effective leg thread vein treatment typically through a mix of microsclerotherapy, IPL and laser treatments, with on-going compression using Venosan and Sigvaris compression hosiery and Macom Crystal Smooth legwear.

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