A safe and effective treatment to remove unwanted tattoos

Having a tattoo is a deeply personal decision and brings many people a lifetime of joy. If, however, you are one of the 75% of people who have come to regret a tattoo, perhaps because of its design, colour or even the associations you have with a particular inking, it can be distressing to know that your skin is permanently marked.

Lumenis® laser tattoo removal is a proven treatment to effective remove black, blue or other dark tattoos. As a Q-switched laser, Lumenis® works by targeting the dark pigment in a tattoo and breaking it into small particles that are naturally dissolved by your body. Over a course of treatment, the tattoo should fade significantly or even disappear altogether.

When you come for a consultation about laser tattoo removal at Glen Eden Aesthetics, we will look at the size and colour of your tattoo and advise you about the most effective course of treatment.

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